Summer is well under way, and what is summer without a stylish, sophisticated pair of sunglasses to keep you looking cool, while protecting your eyes as well? Look sharp and stay focused with some of this season’s best sunglasses for men.

Boss by Hugo Boss Sun Glasses

Boss by Hugo Boss Wayfarer Glasses

These stylish shades from fashion icon Hugo Boss are offer sophisticated style, great build quality and high UV protection, all in a single package for under $200. The unique blue colour and stylish design of the frame are sure to set you apart from the crowd this summer in style – click here to pick up your own pair.

Polo Ralph Lauren Round Sunglasses

Polo Ralph Lauren Round Sunglasses

Nothing says cool like Polo Ralph Lauren, and these round sun glasses are no exception. Available in a variety of incredibly unique and vibrant colours, these durable and stylish shades are hand crafted in Italy and available for under $300 in Canada. Be sure to pick up your pair while you can.

Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses

Menswear in general is in the grips of a major Seventies revival, and Tom Ford has embraced it with grace. The Tom Ford Tf334 aviator sunglasses are all the rage right now, offering a sleek metal and acetate hybrid design with unique style to suit even the most sophisticated of men. Pick up a pair for yourself for under $400 on Amazon here.

Summer time is here, and as much has you may love wearing your dapper suits from SUITED, wearing a suit in the summertime can be uncomfortable. Here is a helpful guide we found over at The Idle Man that will help you wear a suit in the summer and stay cool too.

Tip 1) Get your ankles out

While a ‘slight break’ (aka a very subtle gather where your trouser hem meets your shoes) or a ‘half break’ (aka a slightly less subtle gather where your trouser hem meets your shoes) is the universally accepted trouser length for a business suit, during the summer a ‘no break’ will provide some much-needed ventilation giving your ankles a chance to breath.

Tip 2) Forget the Socks

Going sickles this summer is ideal if you’re considering wearing a business suit this summer. Just remember that this look works better with a more casual suit, plus you’ll need to invest in a few pairs of invisible socks to limit the chance of getting sweaty trotters.

Tip 3) Leave the tie until last

Ideally you’d toss the tie completely during the warmer months, but if your office dress code overlords insist you wear one then make sure it’s the last thing you put on once your at the office. A tight, buttoned up collar will only make your commute even more uncomfortable than it already is.

Tip 4) Let go of the lining

Granted this isn’t an option for everyone, but if you do happen to invest in a summer suit then look for one that’s either half-lined or unlined in a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen as this will help to improve breathability and the likelihood of unsightly sweat patches.

Tip 5) Pick the right material

If you pick a shirt made of a cheap material like polyester then you’re going to sweat buckets. These kinds of materials are made of man man fibers and aren’t breathable, meaning your skin doesn’t get a chance to cool off. Invest in a few cotton shirts, which will be more comfortable in the heat, and see the difference it makes.

Click here to read the original article and enjoy the photos along with it over at The Idle Man.

With Father’s Day around the corner, most of us unprepared guys are a bit panicked about what to get our old man. Well, if you still haven’t gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day, don’t panic: you still have time to get him something good.

In part two of our Perfect Father’s Day gift idea series, we’ll look at another great gift to help dad look his best on his special days, at the office, or any time a suit is required! Here are some of the hottest, most stylish and most affordable ties available right now from our good friends over at Winston Finn.

The Cappuccino Tie

Cappuccino Tie From Winston Finn


The Ice Blue Tie

Ice Blue Tie From Winston Finn

The Nightshade Tie

Night Shade Tie From Winston Finn


Who is Winston Finn?

Winston Finn is a men’s wear label created to offer fashion-forward choices to stylish professionals and fashion conscious men everywhere.

With a creative flair, Winston Finn is bringing a sophisticated twist to the traditional necktie. What started out as just a fashion idea has evolved into a unique and stylish fashion accessory that will make you stand out and be noticed. What further sets Winston Finn neckties apart from the competition is the fact that they are hand-crafted in Canada by professional seamstresses, yet machine-finished to ensure consistent quality. All of our fabrics are made of only the finest European silk and are personally selected by the Winston Finn team.

All of the premium quality, hand made and Canadian-sourced ties from our friends at Winston Finn are:

  • Made from 100% European Silk
  • Measure 3″ wide x 58″ in length
  • Hand-crafted in Canada
  • Shipped in an elegant tie box

Browse these ties and more on the Winston Finn website today – click here to start shopping! A new tie from Winston Finn is the perfect compliment to a suit from SUITED Apparel, let dad combine them for fresh new looks any time of year!

With Father’s Day around the corner, most of us unprepared guys are a bit panicked about what to get our old man. Well, if you still haven’t gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day, don’t panic: you still have time to get him something good.

In part one of our Perfect Father’s Day gift idea series, we’ll look at the perfect gift to commemorate the time your dad spent raising you into the man you are now – a new watch. Here are some of the hottest, most stylish and most affordable time pieces available right now that will last your dad for years to come, no matter what his tastes are.

Smart Turnout “Scholar” Watch

Smart Turnout Watch

Smart Turnout’s origins lie in the regimental and sporting traditions of the British Army. Scots Guards officer Philip Turner, who, when horse racing, had to find a jumper in the colours of his regiment. Seeking only the finest materials and craftsmen to create his jumper, he made something that caught the eye of his fellow Guardsmen, who all requested one of their own. As a result of this, Philip began getting orders for more accessories, from jumpers to watches and more. From this, Smart Turnout was born – a term used for soldiers looking their absolute best, which embodied the precision and quality he envisioned for his company.

The Scholar is a classic gentlemen’s watch. Refined, clean, elegant and functional, this watch displays the perfect traits of British tradition. Available in White, Black, Navy and Beige.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

For the man with a tech geek for a dad, look no further then the industry “Gold” standard in smart watches, Apple (we say “Gold” because you can literally get it in a gold case). The Apple Watch is designed to be both fashionable and functional, available in an array of different color and materials with seven different types of watch straps that are easily interchangeable.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Watch

Tudor Heritage Watch

The tudor heritage line draws inspiration from the most emblematic models in the history of the brand. while retaining their original spirit, historic models are modernised with small, subtle touches and new technical features to optimise their performance.

The TUDOR Heritage Chrono notably mirrors the original shape and proportions of a TUDOR Oysterdate Chronograph from the early 1970s.

Let’s face it – when eating out, it can be hard to keep your composure. SUITED and the experts over at GQ are here to help you decide what types of food to eat, and what types to avoid. Proceed with caution, and choose your foods wisely to always eat out like a true gentleman!


Certain varieties of the slimier, sandier, more bottom-feeding shellfish are allegedly aphrodisiacs, but no sound person has ever had the wherewithal to endure the knife play and slurping it would take to find out. This doesn’t mean that your plan of gorging on butter-soaked sea monsters in front of a potential mate should be abandoned entirely! Foods like lobster, crab, and the shrimp you get in restaurants that pretend to be European have both faces and exoskeletons, making them ideal for dates on which you are eager to assert your power (if you’re doing it right, that should be all of them).


People who eat salad on dates tend to make others uncomfortable, as though every bite of spinach is an admission that they’d rather be snugly tucked into their grave than alive breathing the same air as you. (Don’t let this deter you from eating things that will help you live past 40, though.) With the exception of the potential for ending up with a green smile if you happen to have especially wide-spaced or loose teeth, salad is a relatively safe bet on a date; you eat it with a fork, so it leaves you a free hand to show off your shadow puppetry.


Here are the kinds of pasta you’ll find on your average menu: big sauce puddle, small sauce puddle, the kind with the stuff in the center that’s going to squirt out when you cut into it, cavatappi, the kind you have to twirl around a fork until the table looks like a crime scene, tagliatelle, and potato lumps. Here are the kinds of sauces: red un-dry cleanable, green un-dry cleanable, and clam-scented un-dry cleanable. Definitely one menu offering to pass on!


Anything you can eat one-handed is a good bet for a date. Hamburgers, if they’re not wrapped in gold leaf, should not require a knife and fork.


It’s cheap, you can get it everywhere, and unless you’re some kind of idiot, it’s virtually impossible to eat pizza wrong, making it the hands-down best choice for date food.

Read the full, un-edited and raw article on GQ by clicking here.

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe to be prepared for the season! Here are some of the hottest style trends to keep you up-to-speed with the trends for summer 2016.


Other then sun glasses and hats, neckerchiefs are the most important accessory for men this season, especially tied or folded underneath a lightweight jumper.

Patterns on Patterns

The big trend this summer is not a particular pattern, but how to wear patterns – the pattern on pattern look is in for this summer. Whether you opt for a matching pattern at the top and bottom, or two complementary colour prints, the key to pulling this look off is exercising restraint where it’s needed.


Greens have now been around for a few seasons, but this summer it’s back in force! We’ve previously seen green as a head-to-toe look, but this year expect to see different shades being split up and mixed together.

More Distressed Jeans

This summer, the look down below is all about ripped, patched, bleached – basically destroyed – denim. Jeans slashed to pieces should only be worn by the most bold, but the major point is to expect jeans to look more lived in then ever.

Want to see some more hot trends? Click here to check out GQ’s full summer 2016 fashion trends forecast online.

The terms made to measure and bespoke are commonly thrown around and mixed up in the world of custom suits, however, a made to measure suit and a bespoke suit are NOT the same thing. If any clothing company ever offers you a “bespoke” suit for a price that seems too good to be true, trust us – it probably is for good reason! Get the real deal from a suiting professional like SUITED Apparel Toronto and stand out from the crowd. 

Most suiting companies are offering made to measure products these days. A made to measure suit simply means that the suit has been taken off a clothing rack, and tailored to fit your own body. This is NOT the same as a bespoke suit at all; bespoke suits are completely custom made to suit your tastes, style, design and – most importantly – your body, and the most important element of a suit (or any garment for that matter) is how well it fits.

Bespoke means the complete opposite of off-the-rack – bespoke clothing and suits is custom-made for the owner, whereas made-to-measure suit are simply standard ones customized to certain measurements and details to provide a better fit. Bespoke is made from scratch to your specifications. A truly unique suit there is a cut above the rest, and that is reflected in the dramatic variations in pricing from one to the other.

So, if you want a truly bespoke suit, custom made just for you, contact the trusted experts at SUITED Apparel Toronto today! Don’t be fooled by made-to-measure suits being passed off as unique and custom made – our team is available to provide you a free quote by phone or email when you’re ready to make the right choice and order a truly bespoke suit!

GQ recently published an article on how to dress like a gentlemen this Spring, and we thought their findings and suggestions we’re excellent and wanted to share it with you. Below is the full article, along with some Spring-minded fashion suggestions, Suited style!

Whether you grew up in the South, attended school there, or just always fancied mint juleps over Manhattans, you’ll be pleased to know that preppy, cheery, Kentucky Derby-ready accessories are all over shelves this spring.

There’s just one catch: Today’s bow-ties and spectator shoes are done with a bit of a lighthearted, almost hippie-ish twist. Think soft, sunrise colors and hand-worked details like ribbons and fringe. The effect is a lot less severe and yet somehow just as sophisticated as the original kit.

Just be sure to make like jazz musician and Louisiana native Jon Batiste and anchor these add-ons with a well-tailored, urban-minded suit. Particularly if, like him, you’re nodding to the South from the streets of New York City. A seersucker suit barely belongs at a garden party, let alone the crowded subway platform.

Here are some of GQ’s top picks for your Spring wardrobe this year.

Thom Browne Spectator Wingtip Brogues, $1,450, available at
the pocket square.jpg

Post Imperial Amethyst Pocket Square, $85, available at

the tortoise shades.jpg

Westward Leaning Dyad Clip-On Sunglasses, $295, available at

the striped sock.jpg

Pair of Thieves Southampton Socks, $10, available at


The Hill-Side Endo Leaves Bow-Tie, $85, available at

Of course, if you’re in need of a custom suit for a Spring event this year, check out a custom look from Suited Toronto.