Get the look you need for a wedding with the price you need. 

We can block off a time, you need for you and your gents for suiting. Come Enjoy some drinks, some good conversation and well get you the suits you need.  A couple we can offer your wedding party.

  • A Group Discount
  • Expedited Time Lines
  • We even offer In home Measuring, as one of our tailors can come to your place  and measure up all of your grooms men party.

Remote Measuring

So you have one of your following men, away from the city.  We can set you up, with finding a local tailor. We screen and check up on each tailor, they are ready and easy to work with. We ask you call us, while taking measurements adding another layer of accuracy.

Custom Touches

We offer Traditional tuxedos or suits in all colours and patterns. Even light weight cottons and linens for your destination wedding.

We can do fun and funky liners and some cool pink stitching, or we can even add Monograms on the inside of the blazer, with dates, names or even nick names.

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